Angela has written two highly successful one-woman plays for herself: Reader, I Married Him (about Charlotte Brontë) and After Chekhov (about Chekhov’s actress wife, Olga).

These have been performed in theatres and at arts and literature festivals all round the British Isles, and Angela has taken Reader, I Married Him to Ireland and to Sydney, Australia.




Angela has given her dramatic lecture, Jane Austen & Character, An Actor’s View, at literature festivals and Austen gatherings in many parts of England, in Sydney for the Jane Austen Society of Australia, and in the US, for the Jane Austen Societies of North America in New York, Washington DC and Portland, Oregon

Her current presentations are

 Jane Austen’s Actors: Siddons, Kean – and Henry Crawford, a colourful exploration of actors’ lives and customs in Austen’s time.

Jane Austen & the Importance of Aunts, a lively look at the significance
of aunts in Austen’s novels and her life, with appearances by Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Miss Bates, and other auntly characters.

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Angela has researched and written an exclusive mini-biography of her ballet teacher’s career with the Russian Ballet companies in the 1920s. Titled The Dancing Career of Nalda Murilova, it tells of the young English dancer’s years with the Pavlova, Diaghilev and Stroganoff Ballets, and is available to read online at https://naldamurilova.wordpress.com/

Book Reviews

Angela writes occasional book reviews for Austen-related publications.